To work with us is very simple.

Step 1 – Searching
Search through our freelancers portfolio. You may find somebody that you really like his/her art style.

Step 2 – Approaching
Send us an order email to:
(with title: [Service Order] ———————–)
Please let us know:
Scope of work (Tasks, Schedule/Deadline, Deliverables, Expected Quality/References)
Specific artist if you prefer (please be noticed that each artist will have different rate)

Step 3A – Bidding
We will provide the estimation to you shortly with hour rate (or weekly rate). Back and forth discussion is opened until we can reach an agreement (to start or to stop). Once the estimation is approved, we will create a project number for you. That number will be used in all transactions.

Step 3B – Sign a contract
When the estimation is approved. We will send you a contract for signing

Step 3C – Upfront Payment
After signing the contract. You need to make an upfront payment for 25% of the bid

Step 4 – Working
Once the estimation is approved, upfront payment is made and we have enough materials to start (brief, references) we will work on it right away

Step 5 – Finalizing
We will send you the final work for approval. We will do 2 rounds of feedback for free. But if you need more round of feedback, we can discuss

Step 6 – Final payment
When everything if approved, you will need to make full payment before we send you master files

Payment information:
Paypal: futominara