When thinking of startup, we always think about a bright furture where we can change the world with our values. And that’s very important because without a core value, we won’t be able to grow into the right direction.

But when coming to the business operations, we are facing a totally different picture. Daily operation activities may not be what you like or advanced but still you have to do it. And from here, lets see how we can get over it

With an indie game studio, buying workstations, looking for strong artists, renting office, running marketing plan and so on make you feel like you’re Atlas who is carrying the earth on his shoulder. In most of the cases, there’re no others that you can share your responsibilties

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Atlas carry earth

But then after setting up everything and running it while it hasn’t got any revenue brings even more pressure. A CEO of an indie game studio is like Sisyphus

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sisyphus

Is there a way to ease the tension?

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest!” That’s the advice legendary business consultant Peter Drucker gave companies. By the mid-1990s many companies had begun shedding non-core activities. … The flaw in the current system is that a cost to the company that is outsourcing means more revenue to the service provider.


Which is better between Freelance – Outsource?

Let see how freelance works:

There are many good things to work with freelancers:

  • You have a chance to search for artists who have the right artstyle you need. That make things easier for you to brief him/her what do you expect.
  • You can get cheaper price since you only need to pay freelancer’s working hours and just that.
  • You can discuss directly with freelancer and that help reduce the chance of misunderstanding

But freelancers also bring you many threats about:

  • Confidential: It’s very tricky to keep the artworks confidential unless you sign an agreement with freelancers or don’t let him know who you are and what you are doing (who knows if you are Disney or Ubisoft)
  • Trustful: If for some reasons, the freelancer wants to cancel the job, there’s nothing you can do
  • Commitment: Freelancers may not commit to deadline for a thousand of reasons

What make freelance become uncertainty are the reason to look for outsource studio where everything is solved.

What is the downside of outsource studios?

  • Costful: the price includes: labout cost (artists, supporting staff, office rental, workstation, many kind of tax, profit, …)
  • Quality: Outsource Studios not always have suitable artists so they need to try their best with many internal tryouts
  • Capacity: Sometimes you need to ramp up your plan and find out that outsource studios have no resources just because you didn’t tell them in advance

It’s you to decide which one to use. But let see if we can mix them up?

What if we have a service very similar to Uber in Game industry? There we can offer you with:

  • Less expensive price than outsource studios since we don’t charge you anything other than labour cost. Freelacers have their own working tool and working place. They work on their own.
  • Highly confidential: We keep all the work’s information secret while working with freelancers. All freelancers on this community page is chosen with care. All have to sign NDA with us. And since all are professionals, they know how important to keep their reputation.
  • Commitment: Once we set a deadline, we follow it

If you want to know more about the service, please send us an email to: contact@mysteribodii.com