Mysteribodii is a community of game/film artists in Vietnam. We are Concept artists, 3D artists, Vfx artists, Animators and Producers come from top game outsourcing and film studios in nation wide.

Why are we gathering here?

“Working for a studio is a job. Working on ourselves is a joy” – said all Mysteribodii

Everybody needs a job obviously. We join a studio/company to look for a secure income, a good working environment, great friends, knowledge and many more. We can do many interesting things with strong workstation that is hard to have at home. But everything has 2 sides, doesn’t it?

So what is the down side of working in a studio?

– Imagine, you’re really into the work of creating something great that nobody ever seen and … “time’s out guys, we need to stop that and get ready to submit the file at 5PM” or “You shouldn’t polish that part too much. Lets try to finish the asset quickly and send to client today”

– At another time, your mind are in the middle of imagining process before starting to work on something and then … “hey, we should do it like this …” and you thought to yourself “but does client really want that?”, we don’t know, nobody knows. Your idea seems good but can we discuss it a little bit more? The answer is probably “No, there’s no time for that”

– “Hey, can you stop that for a while and help me to address this feedback?” “Are you able to quickly do this thing before working on that?”, “I’m sorry but you need to finish this tonight, there’s no choice”.
Okay, Okie, Okey, Okie Dokie, I can survive until midnight

– And the most epic thing comes next. “I really love your artstyle, your skill, those artworks look insane. We’re more than happy to have you in our team”. 1 year later, in a contract review meeting, “I’m sorry to say but you fell behind. We can’t see your artstyle anymore. What happened to you?”
And you think to yourself “Did you provide me the right task that is suitable to my style?” Did you know how much time I spent for that artwork in my portfolio and did you give me enough time that I estimated or just the amount of time that client can pay?

Sometimes, we wish we can just work on our own that we don’t have to care how much time we have and how much time is left. We as artists only care about deadline. When working on our own, we can stay awake over night to finish a task and happy when work is done. Freelance job will do.

What make us different from other freelance pages?

We are not working invidual. Everybody knows that artist uses mostly their right brain. And right brain is never good at rigid things like operating a business. So that we have producers to involve in all the job. People should just focus on their strength, we believe. That makes a community.

If we want to make money, we can consider artstation or deviant art or something else. But all artists have a same desire. “Contribute to something great”.

“Together we can do something even greater than just a great artwork”

We have 2D artist, 3D artist, Vfx artist, Animator, Motion graphic artist, Producer, and coder in near future, don’t you think we can make a game, a movie. You don’t need to spend much money to open a studio. A studio is here for you. We have many artists, many artsyle, what is better than that. You can choose who you like and easily form a team

That’s the greatest thing of our community